My name is Christopher Alvin Chaplin I have been blessed with wisdom and am risking my life on the physical plain for delivering truth to you.

I am a single father of a boy who suffers from autism and Heamophilia.  I have placed my eggs in the supreme beings basket in hopes we the people can help me, help us help mother nature purge herself of the Anti-Christ, Lucifer, Satan. 

Like you I want to ascend and live free of tyranny and death. 

We the people have been completely divided, duped and if we don’t wise up our lives will be scooped by Death and purged from Earth. 

Evil hath a short time to wreak havoc on life If we can school together The father of Evil Works will hath no more time to exist.  Let’s Help humanity uproot the tree of death for good.   

I am raising money to start and organization to teach humanity how to break their personal and Our Planets bonds, ties and curses to the Anti-Christ, Lucifer, Satan and all evil works. Happy High vibrations and may your mind, body and soul work as one whole. Money will be used not only to  raise awareness on how to defeat evil works without physical violence, but also for developing our community Farm and other projects that will result in jobs, Food, shelter, water, physical and spiritual protection for all peoples.

Meet Christopher A Chaplin: The man behind "I Denounce Satan

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